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The Drummer

The Drummer

by Kenneth Bi

“The Drummer” is the captivating story of a young man’s transformation from a reckless youth to a mature adult through the inspiration of chinese Zen Drumming. However, the story takes an unexpected turn, when his past catches up to him and he is caught between betrayal and loyalty. Finally he must struggle with the moral dilemma of choosing between forgiveness and revenge

Germany / China / Taiwan 2007, 113 min.


In the East, the drum is the king of all musical instruments. The intense sound of the drum can penetrate a man’s body. The solemn beat of the drum can open a man’s heart. The powerful vibration of the drum can awaken a man’s soul.

Sid, the rebellious son of Kwan, a controlling and savage triad boss in Hong Kong, has to flee to Taiwan upon enraging his father’s adversary, a powerful tycoon and underground business leader. Hiding out in the mountains, Sid encounters a group of Zen drummers whose mesmerizing art, rigorous physical training, and austere way of life pique this hostile urban young man’s interest and he requests to join the group. Although Sid despises his father, he is turning out to be a younger version of him: wild and defiant. Immersing in the world of the Zen drummers eventually converts him into a firm and focused young man. Sid’s independence from the triad life and his father is profoundly challenged, however, when a twist of fate awaits him back home in Hong Kong and forces him to choose between loyalty to his family and his new found faith in himself …

Actor / Actress
Jaycee Chan Sid
Tony Leung Ka Fai Kwan
Lee Sinje Hong Dou
Roy Cheung Ah Chiu
Josie Ho Sina
Kenneth Tsang Stephen Ma
Liu Ruo-Yu Lan Jie
Huang Chih -Chun Sifu
Yumiko Cheng Carmen
Director Kenneth Bi
Script Kenneth Bi
Producer Thanassis Karathanos
Rosa Li
Peggy Chiao
supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
World Sales The Match Factory
Director of Photography Sam Koa
Editor Isabel Meier
Sound Tu Duu-Chih
Art Direction Alex Mok Siu Chung
Music Andr Matthias

International Premiere:
08.2007, 60th International Film Festival Locarno

Festivals / Awards (selection):

Golden Horse Film Festival
Best Supporting Actor,Tony Leung Ka Fai, 2007

Hong Kong Film Awards, 2008
-nominiert für Best Director, Kenneth Bi
-nominiert für Best Original Filmmusic, Andre Matthias

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, 2007

Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón, 2007

Hawaii International Film Festival, 2007

International Eurasia Film Festival, 2007

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2008

Filmfest München, 2008

Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2008

Festival de Cinéma des 3 Amériques, 2008

Miami International Film Festival, 2008

Sundance Film Festival, 2008

Seattle International Film Festival, 2008

Sofia International Film Festival , 2008

Melbourne International Film Festival, 2008

Zagreb International Film Festival , 2008

Palm Springs International Film Festival, 2009