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A Day in the Country

A Day in the Country

by Sylvie Michel

Mathilde catches her parents yet again in the middle of a fight. She decides to run away with her two little brothers. By circumstance, they find themselves in the middle of the countryside. Adventure and freedom awaits them there, as well as unexpected danger.

Germany 2007, 18 min.

Mathilde (12 yr. old) catches her parents, yet again, in the middle of a fight. She runs away to the edge of town with her two brothers – Robin (9 yrs. old) and Louis (4 yrs. old).
While hanging out in a park they get into a quarrel with a couple of teenagers, who start to chase them. To escape the teens, they hide in the back of a pick-up truck, which unexpectedly takes off. As the miles roll by, the kids find themselves deep in the countryside, far from home. At first they feel the allure of freedom and adventure in the sunny landscape of the french Dordogne. But the journey takes a different turn when a man with doubtful intentions approaches them.

Actor /Actress Character
Mathilde Barroux Mathilde
Robin Barroux Robin
Louis Karathanos Luis
Jérome Ferrand Autodieb
Director Sylvie Michel
Script Sylvie Michel
Producer Thanassis Karathanos
Director of Photography Blaise Chakir
Editor Petra Graewe
Sound Andrew Amondson
Re- recording Mixer Matthias Schwab
Music Leonid Soybelman

International Premiere:

08.2007, 60th Int. Filmfestival Locarno

Festivals (selection):

36th Festival du Nouveau Cinema Montreal, 2007

13th Recontres Internationales de Cinema à Paris, 2007

Jackson Heights Film and Food Festival, 2008