For all night owls: on 17.05.2017 at 01:35 Penny Panayotopoulou’s SEPTEMBER flickers over the screensat ARTE! Good entertainment with this “obsessive” drama!

2 CÉSARs & 1 Film Independent Spirit Award for ELLE

This weekend Paul Verhoeven and the team of ELLE celebrated in several ways. Already on Friday, the film won two CÉSARs in Paris. The film itself was voted for Best Film and Isabelle Huppert received the César as Best Actress.

And on Saturday, one evening before the Oscars, Isabelle Huppert won the Independent Spirit Award as best female actress for her main role of Michele in ELLE!




César Awards Nomination for ELLE and SLACK BAY

Another great news today: two films are nominated for the César Award.
ELLE by Bruno Dumont clinched 11 nominations including best film, best director and best actress for Isabelle Huppert.
And SLACK BAY by Paul Verhoeven is nominated for best film, best director and best actor for Fabrice Luchini.

Very good news …and good luck!

Oscar-Nomination for Isabelle Huppert in ELLE

On 26 February 2017 it’s time for: “And the Oscar goes to…”
We are pleased to announce the nomination of Isabelle Huppert as best actress in a leading role in ELLE (by Paul Verhoeven). We keep our fingers crossed.

At the 74th award of the Golden Globe Awards on January, 8th, ELLE was awarded as best non-English language film and Isabelle Huppert as best actress in the Drama category!

The German release in cinemas takes place on 16.February 2017!

Blessed Benefit at DIFF

On 09 and 11.12.2016, our German-Jordanian-Dutch-Qatarian co-production will be shown in the MUHR Featur category at the International Film Festival in Dubai and celebrate the premiere in the Arab world.

SOY NERO – Best Film at the 22nd FAF in Belgrade

We’re glad to announce that Soy Nero by Rafi Pitts was awarded the Grand Prix “Aleksandar Saša Petrović” for Best Film at the 22nd Belgrade Auteur Film Festival!

MA LOUTE (Bruno Dumont) and ELLE (Paul Verhoeven) at 16ème Semaine du film français de Berlin

We are very happy that two of our German-French Coproductions will participate at 16ème Semaine du film français de Berlin.

MA LOUTE (Bruno Dumont)

01.12.2016 / 20:30 / Cinema Paris Berlin – in attendance of the director

ELLE (Paul Verhoeven)

02.12.2016 / 20:30 / Rollberg Kino Berlin

03.12.2016 / 20:30 / Filmtheater am Friedrichshain Berlin

04.12.2016 / 20:30 /Cinema Paris Berlin – in attendance of the author

2 awards for BLESSED BENEFIT at IFF Warsaw

Blessed Benefit of Mahmoud al Massad was awarded the NETPAC Prize as the best Asian film at the 32nd Warsaw Film Festival on October 15th and the Special Jury Award for the leading actor Ahmad Thaler.

Blessed Benetit at the TIFF in Toronto

We are pleased to announce that our German-Jordanian-Dutch coproduction BLESSED BENEFIT by Mahmoud Al Massad will be screened at this year’s TIFF in competition. Blessed Benefit will celebrate its world premiere in Toronto.

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