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Wednesday 04:45 am

Wednesday 04:45 am

by Alexis Alexiou

Athens, Greece, today: 32 hours in the life of Stelios Dimitrakopoulos, a small time night-club owner in Athens, who struggles to salvage his bankrupt business from the loan-sharks, as the city and the whole country go up in flames.

 Germany/ Greece / Israel, 116 min.

Stelios is the owner of a Jazz Club in Athens. A few years ago, through the help of his former associate Vassos, Stelios received a business loan from the Romanian in order to renovate his club. In 2010, the recession finds Stelios on the brink of bankruptcy unable to repay the loan. The Romanian meets with Stelios and gives him one day to come up with a solution. Trying to buy time for his old friend, Vassos asks Stelios to meet up with Omar, an Albanian strip-bar owner who also owes money to the Romanian.

Omar and Stelios’ lives will soon cross in the most unexpected of ways. In a whirlpool of adultery, drug abuse, violence, guilt and self-deceit, Stelios has only a few hours left to save his club, salvage his crumbling marriage, battle the mafia loan-sharks, baptize his employee’s kid and show up at school to receive his son’s report card as a proper parent.

Actor / Actress: Role:
Stelios Mainas Stelios
Dimitris Tzoumakis Vassos
Mimi Branescou The Romanian
Adam Bousdoukos Driver
Giorgos Simeonidis Omar
Maria Nafpliotou Sophia (Stelio’s wife)
Christina Dendrinou Natalia (mistress)
Nikolitsa Drizi Agni (pole dancer)
V. Rokkos Thanassis (Stelio’s brother)


Director Alexis Alexiou
Author Alexis Alexiou
Producer Thanassis Karathanos, Kostas Lambropoulos,
Talia Kleinhendler, Osnat Keren-Handelsman


In Co-Production with
Faliro House,
Marni Films,
supported by
Eurimages Council of Europe, Greek Film Center,
FFA, Israel Film Fund,
Nerit – New Hellenic Radio Internet Television
Distribution Neue Visionen
Director of Photography
Christos Karamanis
Editing Andreas Wodraschke
Production Design
Penelope Valti
Music Yiannis Veslemes



Worldwide release: Tribeca Film Festival 2015 – in competition

Jeonju Film Festival / South Korea
Los Angeles Greek Film Festival / USA
Voices – Vologda independent cinema from european screens festival/ Russia
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival / Czech Republic