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Rich Brother

Rich Brother

by Insa Onken

A documentary about the young asylum-seeker Ben, who wants to fullfill his dreams in Germany of becoming a rich men, by trying his luck as a professional boxer. But who said, it would be easy!

Germany 2009, Documentary, 98 min.

Ben, “The lion from Cameroon” has just achieved to become a professional boxer, yet his goal is high, not only he wants to be a champion but “the world champion”. So he can show his family that he has fullfilled their high expectations of him and he is a successful boxer.

Without a title, or money, Ben cannot come back to Cameroon. He has been chosen to be the one to come to Europe and accomplish the mission of success. In return he must provide them with money, presents and business connections. Everything else would be a dishonor.

Together with Wolfgang, a non-professional yet dedicated trainer from the former Democratic Republic of Germany, he bushwhacks his way through the tough jungle of the boxing world. Their journey becomes a roller coaster under the enormous pressure of success and eventually leads to the break up of their friendship. Ben must find his way alone and soon lands into the loser side of the boxers. At this moment he wants to give up boxing, yet an unexpected chance shows up and he gets an offer to fight for the world cup. Finally he can afford himself to fly back to Cameroon, face up his family: the flight is booked and no matter how ends up the fight, he will fly.


Bernard Donfack

Wolfgang Haring

Miroslav Rudnick

Firat Yilderin

Dr. Thorsten Dolla

Winne Spiering

Reinhard Uterstädt

Victor Kana

Aimee Matago

Etienne Tsopgue

Victor Donfack

Martin Kana

Carine Tetsopguim Tsafack

Cathy Donfack

Jean-Renée Donfack

Etati Pius Edong

Alexander Awdijan

Olaf Disch

Ralf Reiser

Dr. Karl-Heinz Lochner

Werner Papke

Paul Orzechowski

Michael Sagon

Robert Dallmann

Gene Pukall

Otto Merlin

Carola Muca

Hartmut Schröder

Gilbert Timma

Director Insa Onken
Script / Concept Insa Onken
Producer Thanassis Karathanos
in co-production with ZDF- Das kleine Fernsehspiel
Director of Photography Sören Lang, Florian Schewe
Edeting Henk Drees
Sound Design Eric Horstmann
Re-recording mixer Eric Horstmann
Music Friedemann von Rechenberg


International Premiere:

18.03.2009, 11th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Festivals / Awards (selection):

DOK Leipzig, 2009
Goldene Taube 1st Award for Best German Documentary

Cinema City- International Film and Media Festival, 2009

Reykjavik International Film Festival (RIFF), 2009

Festival Noveau Cinéma Montreal, 2009