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Soy Nero

Soy Nero

by Rafi Pitts

Nero, a 19 year old Mexican, dreams of immigrating to the U.S. He joins the U.S Army as a Green-Card soldier and is shipped out to fight in the Middle East. Fighting for nationality, he gets lost in a violent maze.

Germany / France / Mexico, Drama, 120 min.
German release: 10. November 2016


world premiere:

Competition 66. Berlinale International Filmfestival

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Two young men, Nero and his brother Jesus, are running in the desert. They are trying to escape. They are running from the US border patrol. Nero is captured and sent back to Mexico while Jesus gets away. After several attempts, 19-year-old Nero finally manages to go beyond Mexico and make his way into the Promised Land. He follows the trail of his brother in his dream city, Los Angeles, where he finally finds his older brother Jesus. Meanwhile Jesus has settled into a new life, living with a girl named Mercedes but Nero begins to realize that as an illegal immigrant, his chances of leading a regular life will not be easy to come by. In an ultimate attempt to escape his desperate reality, Nero decides to enlist in the U.S Army as a “Green-Card soldier. This will enable him to obtain US citizenship, once he returns from a designated front line. Nero is shipped out to fight in the War zones of the Middle East. He gets lost in a maze, a desolate landscape, where the boundaries between the immigrant in uniform and the US soldier are difficult to perceive. Although it soon becomes clear that while a soldier fights for the nation, the Green-Card holder, Nero, fights to obtain nationality… Soy Negro.

Actor Role
Johnny Ortiz Nero
Rory Cochrane Sergeant McLoud
Aml Ameen Bronx
Darrel Britt-Gibson Compton
Michael Harney Seymour
Ian Casselberry Jesus
Rosa Frausto Mercedes
Alexander Frost Police Officer
T.J. Linnard Denham
Directed by Rafi Pitts
Written by Rafi Pitts & Razvan Radulescu
Producers Thanassis Karathanos
Rita Dagher
Martin Hampel
Co-Producers Nicolas Celis
Georges Choucair
in Co-Production with
 Supported by
Eurimages Council of Europe
FFA – German Federal Film Board
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Centre National du Cinéma et de L´image Animée
Cinéma du Monde
Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung
Distributor  Neue Visionen
World Sales  The Match Factory


Director of Photography Christos Karamanis
Editor Danielle Anezin
Music Rhys Chatham
Sound Design Daniel Iribarren
Production Designers Max Biscoe, Malak Khazai
Costume Designer Alexis Scott
Make Up Kim Garcyk, Jorge Fuentes
Casting Lisa Essary, Heidi Levitt
Line Producer Matthaios Voulgaris
Executive Producer Georges Schoucair
Script/Continuity Sylvie Michel

Weltpremiere: 16. Februar 2016
66. Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlinaleim Wettbewerb

Festivals 2016
Internationales Film Festival Bukarest
/ Rumänien – Bester Film
Belgrader AutorenFilm Festival / Serbien – bester Film
Champs-Elysées Film Festival / Frankreich
Transatlantyk Festival / Polen
Melbourne IFF / Australien
Locarno Film Festival / Schweiz
Aspen FF / US
Bergen IFF / Norwegen
Athens IFF / Griechenland
Festival du Nouveau Cinéma / Kanada
Film fra Sør / Norwegen
Film Fest Gent / Belgien
Miami IFF / US
São Paulo IFF / Brasilien
CPH PIX / Dänemark
American Film Festival / Polen
Diaspora FF / Kanada
Los Cabos IFF / Mexico
Kolkata IFF / India
Festival Autorskog Filma / Serbien
“Aleksandar Saša Petrović” Grand Prix (Belgrade)
Les Journées du Film Engagé / DZ
Festival International du Cinéma d’Alger / Algerien
La Habana IFF / Cuba
IFF of Kerala / India

Festivals 2017
American Film Institute
/ US
Festival de Cinema de Guerra da Raia / Portugal
Cleveland IFF / US
Milano Festival dei Diritti Umani / Italien
Festa Cultures Diversitat Barcelona / Spanien

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