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My Sweet Home

My Sweet Home


By Filippos Tsitos

A group of tragic-comically stories, which take place during the failed „wedding-eve-night” of an American exile and a German woman. Stories about people who lost the aim in life: what they have, they don’t want, and what they want, they’ll probably never get. Realizing the absurdity of this trap, they celebrate their misfortune, at least for a night.
A film about the search for a foothold in life, a solid ground to walk on and a place to call home.

Germany 2001, 87 min.

Director Filippos Tsitos
Script Filippos Tsitos
Producer Thanassis Karathanos
Karl Baumgartner
Fenia Cossovitsa
Production Twenty Twenty Vision
Pandora Filmproduktion
Ideefixe Productions
in co-production with
ZDF-ARTE, DFFB, Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation, Prooptiki
Comissioning Editor ZDF Burkhard Althoff
Das kleine Fernsehspiel
supported by
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Eurimages Council of Europe, Greek Film Center
Distributor Kinowelt
World Sales
ARRI Media World Sales

On the eve of a wedding, a Polterabend (German for “wedding shower”) is in full swing in a quirky, dilapidated café in Berlin.

Bruce Winter, an American, has just persuaded his German girlfriend Anke to marry him, even though they have only known each other for a month. But while Anke is now determined to finally establish a proper family for herself and her fatherless baby, Bruce suddenly begins to get cold feet: should he marry and settle for a more purposeful life in Berlin, or should he leave it all behind and return to “Cali’fuckin’fornia”?

Weaving through the fates of Bruce and Anke are the various dramas of the other, “multicultural” guests who happen to be in the café that evening, invited or not. All those present seem faced with the same dilemma: What is home? Where is it?…

Each has his personal reason to stay “here” or to leave for “there”. Each has his own vision of home which, for each, seems practically unattainable. They are all losers in one way or another and they know it. And they finally poke fun at their predicament by challenging themselves to the ultimate test… “do you dare call your parents and admit you are a failure?”
What follows is a collective tragi-comic escapade which spins out of control and turns into a wild celebration of futility…

Actor / Actress
Harvey Friedman Bruce
Nadja Uhl Anke
Mario Mentrup Owner of the pub
Monika Hansen Ankes Mother
Neil D´Souza Ino
Peter Lewan Harmut
Bernard Liegme Hakim
David Monteiro Brasilian Guy


Director of Photography Hanno Lentz
Editor Petar Markovic
Nebojsa Stanojevic
Sound Design Andreas Koeppen
Re-recording Mixer Martin Steyer
Art-Direction Isabel Ott
Set Design Peter Weber
Music Dr. Nelle Karajilic
Dejan Sparavalo


International Premiere:
16.02.2001, 51th Int. Filmfestspiele Berlin

Festivals / Awards (selection):
Nominated for FIRST STEPS, 2001
Rencontres internationales de Télévision, 2003
– Prix du meilleur téléfilm
– Audience Award
Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin / Wettbewerb, 2001
Troia International Film Festival, 2001
Internationales Filmfest Emden-Aurich-Norderney, 2001
St. Petersburg Festival of Festivals, 2001
Moscow International Film Festival, 2001
Midnight Sun Film Festival (Sodankyls), 2001
Sao Paulo International Film Festival, 2001
Kinofest Lünen, 2001
International Filmfestival Thessaloniki, 2001