WEDNESDAY 4:45 in competition at the 30th Film Festival in Tribeca

We are happy to announce that the new film of director Alexis Alexiou which had been relesed in cinemas in Greece on 12th March 2015 will be celebrating his international premiere in competition at the film festival in Tribeca on 17/04/2015.

Public Screenings:
4/17/2015        8:00 PM      Regal-3
4/19/2015        9:30 PM      BTC-6
4/20/2015       9:45 PM       BTC-5
4/22/2015       10:30 PM     Regal-9

Press & Industry Screenings:
4/18/2015        1:30 PM      Regal-9
4/22/2015        4:45 PM      Regal-8